Daily Health


Maintaining the daily hygiene of the newborn is very important. The health factor is associated with the hygiene of the baby. Let us go through some of the important tips for the daily health of your child.

Immunization protects against bacterial and viral attacks and thus considered as an essential protection for your baby. Babies can be immunized by a GP or at a baby health centre at 4 months, 6 months and 12 months. The Maternity Immunization Allowance is only payable once you have followed the immunization recommendations. Limit the exposure of your baby to germs by washing your hands before touching your baby. Avoid contacting with people having contaminated diseases.

Don’t give unprescribed medicines to your babies. Always find the medical advice of your doctor before any medication. Natural medicines can also be dangerous at times. Always protect your baby from house smokes. Avoid using chemicals and household sprays, when your baby is in the room.

Baby’s ears are delicate and have to protect from loud sounds very close to her ears. High volumes sounds can damage the hearing of your baby. Tooth care is also one of the important factors to protect your babies from. The best way to care for your baby’s new teeth is to watch the food that the baby eats. Always avoid food that cause tooth decay. When the baby starts to consume solid foods, avoid giving food items that are having more sugar content.

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