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  • Adult Silicone Round Bead Bracelet (7cm, Lime)

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    NZD $17.95 

    Will I ever wear my nice jewellery again?

    The good news is, yes you will. The bad news is, not for a while yet. There are two things you can guarantee when your bubs is teething, firstly they want to put anything they can grab in their mouth. The second is that you will be holding them a lot during that time. Guess what - if you are wearing jewelry then it will be going in their mouth - a lot. Our silicone bracelets are tough enough not to break, boho-chic enough to keep you looking like the hot mamma you are!

    Don't be fooled - those chubby little hands are STRONG

    Right now, you need to be wearing jewelry that is fashionable AND functional. Once bubs has a hold of something, they hate to give it up. Our bracelets are built tough! 

    Ahhhh...the Texture

    There's just something nice about how silicone feels. For the teething babies, it is in the Goldilocks zone - not too hard, not too soft. It feels great on their aching gums and can really bring them some much needed relief. For the younger bubbies, they will enjoy the feel of the beads when being breastfed. This playtime will not only be calming for them but will also help stimulate visual, motor, and sensory development in their growing brains.

    As always, safety comes first with Bambeado products.

    100% BPA-Free FDA Food Grade Silicone Beads. Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free, Metal-Free. Meets CPSIA, CE, and international standards for baby safety. They are taste and smell-free. To clean just wash with soap and water, or throw it in the dishwasher.

    Unlimited Money Back Guarantee

    If you are unhappy, for any reason, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee FOR LIFE!

    With a Lifetime Guarantee, You Have Nothing To Lose; So Scroll Up To The Top, Click "Add to Cart" and Get Your Silicone Bracelet To Your Door In 2 Days! 


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